Promatic Claymate System

Here at Barby Sporting, you can enjoy clay pigeon shooting at your own pace, with the electronic, self-operated pay-as-you-play clay counter system from Promatic. Using cutting-edge technology for counting and release, the Claymate system can be used throughout the ground, allowing you to flexibly practise and play, all day! 

Upon arrival, simply collect a contactless card from the office, which can be used by both individuals and groups, and enjoy a day of unlimited shooting. The card automatically records the clays used during your session, so when you’re finished, simply return the card to the office and pay for your targets. The cost per target is:

26p for members

31p for guests 

A target allowance is given for no birds. In the event of any malfunctions, please inform the office and a member of the team will attend to the problem. Please take note of our ground rules and procedures and enjoy safe and happy shooting.