Gun Ammunition

At Cadman Sporting we stock an extensive range of ammunition for rifles, shotguns and airguns from top brands such as Norma, RWS, Hornady, Sako, Eley and Gamebore.

Our complete range of ammunition is currently only available to purchase in our gun shops.

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Shotgun Cartridges

Ensure that you are fully stocked up and ready for the shooting season with the best quality shotgun cartridges from Cadman Sporting.

We have a comprehensive selection of shotgun cartridges from leading brands in the industry such as Express, Eley and Gamebore. As well as these leading brands we also stock a range of fantastic shotgun cartridges from premium brands such as Fiocchi and  Baschieri & Pellagri. We offer competitive prices and good stock levels.

Rifle Ammunition

We have a variety of calibres available, ensuring we can offer ammunition that delivers peak performance and unrivalled accuracy.

We stock a fantastic range of high-quality rifle ammunition from renowned brands such as Winchester, Hornady, Norma and more. Our friendly team of experts can help you decide which rifle ammunition is right for you and make sure you’re ready for the shooting season.

Air Gun Pellets & BB’s

We stock airgun pellets of all calibres which allows us to offer the best solution for our customer’s individual needs.

Our range of air gun pellets and bb’s is the perfect solution for keeping you stocked up with the best ammunition from leading brands such as JSB, Air Arms and RWS.

Bullet Heads, Powders & Primers

We don’t just offer ammunition, we also stock a range of bullet heads, powders and primers too. We offer market leaders such as Nosker, Sierra and Hornady as well as Alliant Powders VihtaVuori and CCI.

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Buy ammunition & cartridges from our 3 UK locations

Our full range of gun ammunition and reloading equipment is only available to purchase in our gun shops. If you have any questions, please fill out our enquiry form and one of our helpful staff will be in touch.

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