Much like 2020, 2021 isn’t likely to be the year of international travel you may have dreamed of, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a much-needed, relaxing break in a truly breath-taking location. Whether you’re on the hunt for hills to hike, a thriving city to explore or simply want to unwind by the water, the UK offers a whole host of amazing staycations that are ideal for everyone, whether you’re looking to travel solo, as a couple or with friends and family.

What is a staycation?

The aptly named ‘staycation’ is exactly as it sounds and involves spending a vacation at or around your hometown, though it has more recently been used to include all holidays enjoyed in your home country.

Living in the UK provides an incredible number of beautiful destinations to visit and here’s why you should definitely think about booking one.

Reduced Cost

Naturally, the closer you stay, the less you’ll have to pay. Travelling by car is often far cheaper than flying, especially when there’s a fair few of you. What’s more, you can find a UK staycation to suit any budget, from pitching your tent on a low-cost campsite or staying with friends, to booking a room in beautiful castle hotels or boutique B&Bs. Essentially, you can arrange a staycation for almost any budget – if you’d prefer to spend a smaller amount, simply stick closer to home to reduce travel costs further and consider a camping trip, for those who are looking to splash the cash a little more, perhaps a road trip where you visit all number of places is more your style.

Explore New Places

Tempted by overseas holidays and the guaranteed sunshine (which the UK certainly lacks!), too many of us are guilty of not exploring our home country, which is inevitably filled with amazing locations that are just as stunning, if not more stunning, than many of the places we visit elsewhere. The UK is a country riddled with history and with so many incredible heritage towns and cities to visit, filled with museums and architecture, now is the ideal opportunity to get to know more about the country you come from and explore a little closer to home.  

Help The Local Economy

COVID-19 has negatively impacted any number of businesses over the past 18 months, and one industry that has been hit harder than most is the hospitality industry. Hotels were closed for months on end, bars and restaurants shut down and all the usual tourist spots empty of tourists. By taking a staycation, you’ll be reinvesting into the local economy – dining at local restaurants, staying at nearby hotels and visiting landmarks and attractions that haven’t seen many visitors for months. Spending money in your own country is something that will gradually help to build back the economy and help those businesses that have been struggling to survive.

Reduced Stress

Travelling abroad can easily become stressful, especially at the moment. With tests and additional paperwork required, not to mention the usual baggage limits, extortionate airport parking and the security measures, travelling by air right now is extremely stressful, with a staycation however, that stress is drastically reduced. There’s no additional testing, no baggage restrictions and no fear the place you’re visiting is going to change from green to amber overnight. Overall, UK staycations just seem the best way to truly relax and unwind when it comes to travelling in 2021.

Visit Friends and Family

Too often our annual leave days are used to jet off to the sunshine, leaving us struggling to spend quality time with loved ones that live a little further afield. By choosing to take a staycation, you can plan your routes via family and friend’s homes that you haven’t seen for a while and use the time to catch up and see those that you’ve missed.

There really is so many great reasons to choose a staycation this year. Whilst the weather may not be guaranteed, wherever you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed to see some amazing new places and get to know a little bit more about the incredible country we call home.