How to use your Harkila HEAT Jacket


The Härkila HEAT products can help keep you comfortable by regulating temperature even when the chill takes you by surprise! There are some simple steps below which are easy to follow, that show you how to use these products.


To use the Harkila HEAT products they must first be connected to a USB powerbank. Each HEAT product has a waterproof USB plug in the pocket.


Download the Harkila HEAT smartphone app and connect it to your product. Using the app you can select your desired temperature, between 30C and 52C.


You can also control the temperature using the push button on the chest so that you are not dependant on your smartphone, which can be set between 38C, 46C, or 52C.


Once the product has reached the desired temperature it goes into standby to save energy; it will then come back on automatically if the temperature falls 1C-2C below the set level.



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