When preparing to visit your local clay pigeon shooting ground, it can be overwhelming trying to remember all of the different clothing and accessory pieces you should be wearing, or at the very least have with you. That’s where our handy guide comes in! Giving you all the information you need on what to wear clay pigeon shooting, you can ensure you always turn up to your local shooting ground fully prepared and ready to go, with all the gear needed to enjoy a great day of activities.

Here’s an overview of the basics:

Eye Protection

With the wearing of eye protection now required at all CPSA-registered shoots, as well as at most of the UK’s clay shooting grounds, shooting glasses are one of the most crucial pieces of any shooter’s kit. Worn primarily to safeguard you from loose shards of clay, as well as mud and dust affecting your vision, shooting glasses play a huge part in ensuring best performance. With super strong lenses, suited for wear in a number of lights, shooting glasses can also help to protect you from harmful sunrays that could obscure your view and negatively affect your game.

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Ear Protection

Highly recommended when participating in any shooting activity, the need for ear protection is somewhat enhanced when shooting clays, due to the increased number of shots fired at a clay shooting ground. Usually a busy and consistently noisy place to spend time, it’s vital to protect your ears from any damage, which is why we offer a range of ear defenders that are perfect for safeguarding your ears from any harmful noise.

Hats & Caps

More than just ensuring you’re protected from the goings on around you, wearing a hat is crucial when partaking in any outdoor activity. Whether it’s a beautifully sunny day requiring a baseball cap or flat cap to keep the sun off of your face and out of your eyes, or are few showers are forecast, wearing a hat keeps you looking stylish, whilst protecting you from all the elements.

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Skeet Vests

Probably the most important piece of shooting clothing for any clay pigeon shooter, a skeet vest does more than provides an extra layer of warmth on those chillier days. Packed with pockets that are great for storing all of your shooting essentials, including cartridge pockets, a loop for your glasses and an ear defender strap, skeet vests allow you easy access to your ammunition, playing a vital role in ensuring a stress-free shoot day.

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Shooting Footwear

Wellingtons are a staple choice of footwear when shooting in wet weather, but if you’re lucky enough to find a sunny UK day to shoot on then a durable pair of trainers or walking boots will more than suffice, but remember comfort is key! With everything from fashionable wellingtons by Hunter to tougher options from brands such as Gateway, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shooting footwear for you here at Cadman Sporting.

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Shirts Or Tops

The rules are pretty flexible when it comes to deciding which shooting shirt is right for you, with most smart casual options perfectly suited to the shoot day dress code. On warmer days, we recommend opting for a polo shirt that will keep you cool as the sun beams down, however casual shirts in classic country patterns are also common for wear when clay shooting.

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More casual than many other country pursuits, clay shooting attire for the lower body includes everything from jeans to chinos and cords. Shorts are even acceptable when the weather warms up, so in terms of trousers – provided it’s smart casual, anything goes!

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Waterproof Jacket

Last but by no means least, a top quality waterproof jacket is always good to have to hand when clay shooting, especially in the UK! Don’t forget, if you’re planning to wear the jacket whilst shooting, it’ll need to be roomy enough for you to comfortably move around and not be too restricting. Come rain or shine, having a waterproof coat on you is highly advised, though if you’re planning to enjoy clay shooting in the winter, opt for something thicker for some extra layers of warmth.

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So there you have it – all the essentials needed to enjoy a great morning, afternoon or evening at your local clay pigeon shooting ground.

As the home of country pursuits, we of course stock a whole variety of additional shooting accessories that are great to take along with you, from cartridge bags to shooting gloves, license wallets to scarves, explore our range of shooting essentials to finish off your look and be as prepared as possible for your next round of clay shooting!